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Dr. Gary Hill is a lively and informative presenter and discussion facilitator.  He has lead workshops on numerous topics. If you would like to schedule Dr. Hill as a guest speaker for your assoiciation, organization, business, or school, please contact him at and place the words "guest speaker" in the subject line.


Here are a few of his most popular workshops: 

Adolescent Conduct Disorders:

A New Way of Viewing Behavioral Acting Out

Can't Get No Satisfaction:

Improving Personal Relationships with Children, Parents, and Spouses  


What to do When they Drive You Crazy

When Children Push Your Buttons:

How to Maintain Your Sanity and Still be a Good Parent

Post 9/11 Trauma Recovery Work:

New Developments and Implications for Clinical Treatment of Trauma

Select Your Topic:

Workshop and presentation topics can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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